hello there + welcome

Hi, I'm Samantha, the artist behind Miranda Photo & Co! My passion for the past five years has been to capture humans with authenticity and soul while helping them tell their stories. Whether that is their love story, their company's branding, or their journey through motherhood, my intuitive eye lends an emotional perspective giving feeling to photographs.

While most photographers fell in love when they picked up their first camera, my admiration was always for the photo. The way it could teleport you to a time and place while simultaneously making you feel, even as a child, I understood the power that held. 

You can find me capturing beautiful people along the coast of Massachusetts and all over Rhode Island. When I'm not taking care of my little tribe and business, I'm usually decorating my abode, enjoying the company of friends, volunteering my time with United Way, and collecting tattoos. BIG on tattoos.